Online Gambling - Maxim88 Online Gambling Casino Review

Online Gambling: Maxim88 Online Gambling Casino Review

Online gambling has transformed the landscape of entertainment, providing enthusiasts with unprecedented access to thrilling casino games and exciting sports betting opportunities. Among the myriad platforms in this digital realm, Maxim88 Malaysia stands out as a prominent player, captivating audiences since its establishment in 2006. 

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With licenses from PAGCOR and Curaçao Gaming, Maxim88 guarantees a secure and regulated environment for players to explore its diverse offerings. This article delves into the world of Maxim88, unraveling the key features that make it a preferred choice for both seasoned players and newcomers seeking an immersive and rewarding online gambling experience. 

From an extensive array of casino games to a dynamic sportsbook equipped with live streaming, Maxim88 promises an exhilarating journey for those looking to try their luck in the virtual realm.

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Maxim88 Malaysia: A Premier Online Gambling Platform

Since its establishment in 2006, Maxim88 Malaysia has solidified its position as the preferred site for numerous players. As one of Asia’s foremost online gambling platforms, it offers a comprehensive range of options, encompassing casino classics and sports betting opportunities.

In this detailed Maxim88 review, we delve into crucial aspects that prospective registrants should consider. Continue reading to explore the rewards, bonus terms, safety features, intriguing facts, and more.

Maxim88 2024: Exclusive Online Gambling Casino & Sportsbook Bonuses

As a member of Maxim88 Casino, a diverse array of bonuses awaits both new and returning players in 2024. It’s worth noting that while a bonus code is not required, the correct one must be selected from the drop-down menu during the deposit process.

Several welcome bonuses share the same Maxim88 promo code. To claim your preferred bonus, make a minimum deposit of MYR 50 from your “Main Wallet” to the “Gaming Wallet” for sports/eSports, live casino, or slots. Here’s a brief overview of the key rewards awaiting you when you join Maxim88’s online casino.

Online Gambling - Maxim88 2024: Exclusive Online Gambling Casino & Sportsbook Bonuses​

Michael Owen Welcome Bonuses


  • Bonus: 225% up to MYR 450 first deposit bonus
  • Bonus Code: MO WELCOME BONUS
  • Rollover: 30x
  • Min. Deposit: MYR 50

Live Casino

  • Bonus: 225% up to MYR 450 first deposit bonus
  • Bonus Code: MO WELCOME BONUS
  • Rollover: 35x
  • Min. Deposit: MYR 50


  • Bonus: 225% up to MYR 450 first deposit bonus
  • Bonus Code: MO WELCOME BONUS
  • Rollover: 28x
  • Min. Deposit: MYR 50

All Games in One Welcome Bonuses


  • Bonus: 100% up to MYR 500 first deposit bonus
  • Bonus Code: WELCOME BONUS
  • Rollover: 18x
  • Min. Deposit: MYR 50

Live Casino

  • Bonus: 50% up to MYR 200 first deposit bonus
  • Bonus Code: WELCOME BONUS
  • Rollover: 25x
  • Min. Deposit: MYR 50


  • Bonus: 100% up to MYR 300 first deposit bonus
  • Bonus Code: WELCOME BONUS
  • Rollover: 12x
  • Min. Deposit: MYR 50

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Maxim88 Online Gambling Bonuses: In-Depth Analysis

Now that you’ve had an overview of the primary bonus offerings at Maxim88 Malaysia, let’s delve into a more detailed examination to assess the true value of these promotions. This involves scrutinizing the terms and conditions to gauge the feasibility of generating real money returns from these enticing offers.

Online Gambling

Maxim88 Casino Welcome Bonus

  • Bonus Amount: 225% first deposit bonus up to MYR 450
  • Deposits: 1
  • Bonus Code: MO WELCOME BONUS
  • Rollover: 28x (slots), 35x (live casino)
  • Min Deposit: MYR 50
  • Bonus Expiry: 30 days

Maxim88 presents several variations of its online casino welcome offers, with the most lucrative being a substantial 225% first deposit bonus. This represents a significant boost compared to the standard 100% match offered by many other operators. To claim the maximum bonus of MYR 450, meet the 28x or 35x rollover requirements within 30 days, depending on whether you opt for slots or live casino games.

Maxim88 Sport Welcome Bonus

  • Bonus Amount: 225% first deposit bonus up to MYR 450
  • Deposits: 1
  • Bonus Code: MO WELCOME BONUS
  • Rollover: 30x
  • Min Deposit: MYR 50
  • Bonus Expiry: 30 days

For those venturing into Maxim88’s sportsbook, the Michael Owen welcome bonus offers a compelling 225% first deposit bonus, capped at MYR 450. Select the correct bonus code before depositing a minimum of MYR 50, and fulfill the 30x wagering requirements within 30 days to unlock the full bonus potential.

Daily Unlimited Reload Bonus

  • Bonus Amount: 10% deposit bonus up to MYR 300 (Slots) | up to MYR 100 (Live Casino) | up to MYR 200 (Sports/eSports)
  • Deposits: Unlimited
  • Rollover: 12x
  • Min Deposit: MYR 50
  • Bonus Expiry: 30 days

The Daily Unlimited Reload Bonus caters to both sports enthusiasts and casino game players, offering a consistent 10% match bonus on every deposit. The maximum bonus varies, reaching MYR 300 for slots, MYR 100 for live casino, and MYR 200 for sports/eSports. Ensure the correct promo code is selected from the drop-down menu to claim this bonus, with a 12x turnover requirement within 30 days.

Weekly Cashback

  • Bonus Amount: Up to 8% cashback (minimum losses MYR 1,000)
  • Min Losses: MYR 1,000
  • Cashback Offer: 8% (Crockfords) | 6% (Gold & Platinum) | 4% (Classic and Silver) | 3% (Normal)
  • Rollover: 12x
  • Min Deposit: N/A
  • Bonus Expiry: 30 days

The Weekly Cashback offer provides a safety net, offering cashback on losses ranging from 3% to 8%, depending on your loyalty program tier. To qualify, incur losses of at least MYR 1,000 during the week and enjoy cashback up to MYR 8,888. Fulfill the 12x wagering requirement within 30 days to withdraw the cashback amount.

Maxim88 Online Gambling Bonus Variety for Malaysian Players

Exploring the diverse array of bonus offerings at Maxim88 Malaysia reveals an enticing selection tailored to suit the preferences of every gamer and sports bettor. Whether you’re intrigued by online casino games or sportsbook excitement, Maxim88 has something special in store. Let’s delve into the distinctive rewards awaiting players at this comprehensive casino and sportsbook.

Online Gambling - Maxim88 Online Gambling Bonus Variety for Malaysian Players​

Welcome Bonuses

Welcoming new players with open arms, Maxim88 Malaysia provides enticing welcome bonuses, a common practice among leading online casinos in the region. These introductory offers serve as a beacon for new signups, offering incentives to create an account. The prevalent type of welcome bonus at Maxim88 is the deposit bonus, available for both the online casino and sportsbook. However, keep in mind that the bonus funds must undergo wagering requirements before becoming cashable, and selecting the correct Maxim88 bonus code from the drop-down menu is essential.

Existing Customer Offers

Beyond catering to new customers, Maxim88 ensures its existing user base enjoys a variety of offers. These can range from one-time deals to regular promotions. Examples include weekly cashback on gambling losses and an unlimited daily reload bonus, providing recurring opportunities for existing users to enhance their gaming experience.

No Deposit Bonuses

While rare, no deposit bonuses represent a unique promotion in the online gambling landscape. These offers require no upfront payment, typically only necessitating the creation of an account for eligibility. As of the current update, Maxim88 Malaysia does not offer any no deposit bonuses. However, it’s advisable to stay tuned for potential updates in this section, as offerings may evolve over time.

Loyalty/VIP Program

Maxim88 Malaysia extends exclusive perks to players through its Loyalty/VIP Program. This program allows players to unlock special privileges by progressing through various VIP levels. Advancement in tiers is contingent upon meeting a minimum spending requirement per month. Starting at the “Classic” tier with a minimum spend of MYR 50,000, players can ascend the ranks with increased spending. Notably, the highest level, “Crockford,” is accessible only through invitation.

Maxim88 Online Gambling Bonus Eligibility Criteria in Malaysia

To ensure you successfully claim bonuses at online casinos in Malaysia, it’s crucial to meet specific eligibility criteria. Here’s a breakdown of the requirements to determine who is eligible for Maxim88 bonuses:

  • Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old.

  • Minimum Deposit: Meet the specified minimum deposit mentioned in the bonus terms.

  • Correct Bonus Code: Select the appropriate bonus code from the drop-down menu during the deposit process.

  • Single Account: Maintain only one active account; multiple accounts are not allowed.

  • Qualifying Payment Method: Use a payment method that qualifies for the bonus.

  • Currency Selection: Certain offers may only be claimed if you selected MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) as your preferred currency.

  • Restricted Locations: Do not attempt to register or claim a bonus from a restricted location to ensure eligibility.

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Key Terms and Conditions for Maxim88 Online Gambling Bonuses

Before deciding to claim any online casino bonus, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the associated terms and conditions. Taking the time to understand these rules will help you grasp how to activate the deal and what steps are necessary to convert your bonus into real money. Here are essential points to consider when reviewing the terms and conditions of a particular offer:

Online Gambling - Key Terms and Conditions for Maxim88 Online Gambling Bonuses​

Number of Deposits

  • Some deals may be fully claimable with a single deposit, while others might require multiple deposits to unlock the full amount.

  • Be attentive to varying minimum deposit requirements and specific bonus codes associated with different options.

Wagering Requirements

  • Most offers come with wagering requirements, representing the targets you must achieve when betting the bonus money to make it withdrawable as real money.

  • Wagering requirements can differ based on the type of casino game you choose, and there’s typically a time limit for meeting these requirements.

Min/Max Deposits

  • To activate a bonus, a minimum deposit is often required, and failing to meet this requirement means missing out on the deal.

  • Be mindful of the maximum bonus size, especially when considering the deposit amount you plan to make.

Eligible Games

  • Certain bonuses may restrict gameplay to specific game types, such as slots or live casino games.

  • Understand the rules governing game eligibility and note the contribution rates towards meeting wagering requirements.

Expiration Time

  • Bonus offers typically have different expiration times. For instance, there might be a time limit to claim a welcome offer after creating a new account.

  • Additionally, there’s a deadline to fulfill wagering requirements before the bonus expires, emphasizing the importance of timely completion.

Registering at Maxim88 Online Gambling Casino in Malaysia: A Simple Guide

If you’re eager to embark on your Maxim88 Casino journey in Malaysia, follow these steps to swiftly create an account and set the stage for potential big wins.

Step 1: Visit the Casino Site

Initiate the process by navigating to the casino site, where a plethora of rewards and gaming opportunities await exploration.

Step 2: Create a New Account

Click the “Join Now” button to kickstart your registration. Provide essential information, including contact details and your full name. Proceed to create a username and password. Once the form is complete, finalize the registration by selecting the Maxim88 Register button.

Step 3: Make a Deposit

With your newly minted Maxim88 account, it’s time to fund your gaming adventure. Head to the “Deposit” page, choose your preferred payment method, and input the deposit amount. Provide the necessary financial information and select your promo code before confirming the transaction.

Step 4: Begin Playing Games

Enjoy immediate access to your funds, opening the door to a world of gaming possibilities at Maxim88 Casino. Dive into the diverse array of games and features, ready to explore all that this casino has to offer.

Avoidable Errors When Claiming a Maxim88 Online Gambling Malaysia Bonus Online

To ensure a smooth process when claiming an online casino bonus at Maxim88 Malaysia, it’s crucial to steer clear of some straightforward mistakes that might cost you your reward. Familiarize yourself with the following examples to enhance your bonus claiming experience:

  • Age Requirement: Ensure you are at least 18 years old to meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Minimum Deposit: Don’t overlook the minimum deposit requirement specified for the bonus.

  • Promo Code Selection: When making a deposit, remember to select the appropriate promo code to activate the bonus.

  • Single Account Policy: Maintain only one active casino account, avoiding the pitfall of having multiple accounts.

  • Currency Preference: Ensure you select MYR as your preferred currency to align with certain bonus offers.

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Maxim88 vs. Other Malaysian Online Gambling Sites: A Comparative Overview

In a rapidly growing global gambling market expected to reach $133.12 Bn by 2028, choosing the best online casino becomes a challenging task. Malaysia, with its array of gambling sites, raises the question of which one stands out as the optimal choice.

To aid in your decision-making process, we’ll compare Maxim88 with other top Malaysian gambling sites, focusing on key factors such as casino bonuses. Here’s an overview of the offerings for new members:


Gambling SiteCasino BonusRolloverMin. DepositSports BonusRolloverMin. Deposit
Maxim88225% first deposit bonus up to MYR 45028x (slots), 35x (live casino)MYR 50225% first deposit bonus up to MYR 45030xMYR 50
BD88300% bonus up to MYR 1,50015xMYR 100300% bonus up to MYR 1,50015xMYR 100
12play100% deposit bonus up to MYR 58825xMYR 50Risk-Free Bet up to $205xMYR 50
BK8100% deposit bonus up to MYR 30012xMYR 50Risk-Free Bet up to MYR 3005xMYR 50
We88100% deposit bonus up to MYR 50012xMYR 30100% deposit bonus up to MYR 50012xMYR 30
Me88200% deposit bonuses up to MYR 1,00016x, 20x, 22x for three depositsMYR 50200% deposit bonus up to MYR 1,00016x, 20x, 22x for three depositsMYR 50
Plea8250% deposit bonuses up to MYR 60015x, 20x, 35x for three depositsMYR 50250% deposit bonuses up to MYR 60015x, 20x, 35x for three depositsMYR 50
Hifive5150% deposit bonus up to MYR 35515xMYR 30First Bet Cashback up to MYR 25015x, 20x, 35x for three depositsMYR 200
Uwin33Bonus up to MYR 9215xMYR 5050% deposit bonus up to MYR 38825xMYR 30
Gembet150% deposit bonus up to MYR 60020xMYR 50125% deposit bonus12xMYR 50

The comparison takes into account various factors, including welcome bonuses, rollover requirements, minimum deposits, and sports bonuses, providing valuable insights for potential players in Malaysia.

Maxim88 Online Gambling Malaysia Review: Rating 4.6/5

  • Website: Maxim88 Malaysia

  • Payout Time: 1-2 days

  • Established: 2006

  • License: PAGCOR & Curaçao Gaming

  • Headquarters: Malaysia

Maxim88 Malaysia stands out as a prominent choice for individuals engaged in both sports betting and online casino games. Since its establishment in 2006, Maxim88 has become a recognizable brand in the market, consistently securing a top position in the rankings within the competitive online gambling scene.

The platform offers a user-friendly Maxim88 app, providing convenience for playing games and placing bets anytime, anywhere. A strong emphasis on customer care ensures users receive prompt assistance when encountering any issues.

Maxim88 provides live streaming for select sporting events and boasts an extensive list of bonus offers catering to both casino players and bettors. Casino enthusiasts benefit from a continually expanding list of available game titles, ensuring a constant influx of fresh and enjoyable options.

What We Like:

  • Excellent range of live games

  • Great selection of sports betting opportunities

  • Accepts popular payment methods

  • Downloadable app available

What We Don’t:

  • Lack of virtual table games

Maxim88 Online Gambling Casino Review: Rating 4.0/5

Maxim88 Malaysia stands as a highly recognized online casino brand, earning a notable reputation in today’s market. With a history of delivering top-quality games, Maxim88 ensures a constant infusion of freshness for its user base. Excelling in various popular areas, the platform caters to diverse gambling needs.

The user experience is seamless across all devices, guaranteeing a smooth playing encounter regardless of the chosen game.

Online Gambling - Maxim88 Online Gambling Casino Review: Rating 4.0/5​

Maxim88 Slot Games

In our Maxim88 review, we discovered that the platform collaborates with 20 different developers to supply a diverse range of online slots. Notable providers such as Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and Red Tiger Gaming contribute to a varied collection of styles and themes, ensuring players enjoy rewarding and entertaining gaming experiences.

Table Games

While Maxim88 doesn’t heavily feature virtual table games, its emphasis on live casino table games compensates for this absence. The live dealer section, particularly powered by Evolution Gaming, offers an exceptional and exclusive gaming experience, offsetting the limited availability of classic virtual options.

Live Casino

Maxim88 boasts a highly popular live casino offering, with a significant portion of games provided by the industry leader, Evolution Gaming. The site even features Maxim88-branded tables for a more exclusive experience. From classic casino games to unique titles, the live casino caters to various preferences, with flexible table limits accommodating different budgets.

Specialty Games

The specialty games section at Maxim88 includes fishing games and lottery-style options like Keno and Atom. This diverse range ensures players can explore different types of gambling experiences.


Game CategoriesNumber of Games
Video PokerN/A
OtherKeno, Fishing Games, Atom, RNG War
Live Casino Games50+


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Maxim88 Online Gambling Sportsbook Review: Rating 4.8/5

For those seeking top-tier sports betting sites in Malaysia, Maxim88 emerges as an exceptional choice, earning a rating of 4.8/5. With notable sports partnerships, including former Liverpool and England striker Michael Owen, and a longstanding sportsbook presence since 2006, Maxim88 proves to be a trusted and tested platform. Offering flexibility with different interfaces, live streaming, and a comprehensive sports betting experience, Maxim88 stands out in the competitive sports betting arena. Here’s a detailed overview of the key aspects of Maxim88’s sports offering:

Sports Betting Options

Maxim88 provides three distinct sports betting interfaces, allowing users to choose the most suitable option for their needs. Covering a wide range of popular sports, both local and international events are well-supported. Football, basketball, and tennis receive extensive coverage, accompanied by an impressive collection of betting markets and favorable odds.


While there isn’t a separate racebook, Maxim88 seamlessly integrates horse racing into its sports betting offering. Users gain access to races across Asia and worldwide, enjoying a variety of horse racing betting markets and valuable tips for informed decision-making.


Maxim88 dedicates a section of its website to eSports betting, offering two different interfaces. With an extensive selection of eSports events available for streaming, diverse betting markets make Maxim88 a preferred destination for eSports enthusiasts.

Live Betting

Maxim88 excels in live betting, catering to the preferences of modern bettors who enjoy placing wagers during ongoing events. The platform offers a robust live betting section covering nearly every event type. Users benefit from a variety of betting types and helpful tools such as real-time stats and commentary.

Live Streaming

Maxim88 enhances the sports betting experience with live streaming capabilities. Events supporting live streaming are easily identified, providing users with access to a decent proportion of options, surpassing many competitors in this aspect.


Betting OptionsAvailability
Alternative Spreads/Totals
Same Game Parlays
Live Streaming
Live Betting

Maxim88 Online Gambling Mobile Experience: Rating 4.8/5

The mobile experience at Maxim88 enjoys widespread popularity, particularly among users in Malaysia who prefer engaging in various forms of gambling through their phones. Maxim88 ensures that every aspect of its offerings is optimized for seamless mobile gameplay, catering to the preferences of mobile users. A dedicated app is available for download, with separate versions for both Android and iOS users.

The download process is quick, taking only a matter of seconds, granting users access to the complete range of gambling products offered by Maxim88. The app functions efficiently, mirroring the desktop offering, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. For those who prefer not to download an app, the Maxim88 website is equally accessible for playing favorite games directly on mobile devices.

Maxim88 Online Gambling Payment Methods Review: Rating 4.7/5

At Maxim88 Malaysia, a diverse array of payment methods is accepted, providing users with both local and internationally recognized options.

The available methods encompass various commonly used options, including bank transfers, specific e-wallets, and a selection of cryptocurrencies. Below is an overview of the main payment methods at Maxim88:


Payment MethodDepositsWithdrawalsFeesPayout Speed
Bank Transfer0%<1 day
Quick Pay0%N/A
Cryptocurrency0%<2 hours

Maxim88 Online Gambling Safety & Security Review: Rating 4.5/5

Established in 2006, Maxim88 has maintained a strong presence in the online gambling sector, demonstrating its resilience and continued operation over the years. The platform prioritizes the safety and security of its users through the implementation of encryption technology. This technology safeguards the transmission of sensitive information, ensuring a secure environment for users. Additionally, Maxim88 utilizes secure payment methods that facilitate quick and protected transactions, contributing to an overall secure online gaming experience.

Maxim88 Online Gambling Customer Support Review: Rating 4.8/5

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Yes

  • Live Chat: Yes

  • Email: No

  • Help Centre: No

  • FAQ Section: Yes

Maxim88 Casino provides efficient customer support, earning a rating of 4.8/5. With 24/7 availability, users can reach out to the support team using the live chat function or popular messaging apps like WhatsApp. While email and a dedicated help center are not available, the platform compensates with a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses many potential issues. Overall, Maxim88 offers a commendable level of customer support.

Maxim88 Online Gambling Overview: Safety and Licensing

Maxim88 Malaysia is a reputable online gambling platform established in 2006 and licensed by PAGCOR. It has formed strategic partnerships with prominent figures like England striker Michael Owen and esteemed game development companies such as Evolution Gaming. The platform holds multiple certifications, including one from iTech Labs, attesting to the independence of its games. Maxim88 actively collaborates with Iovation and ThreatMetrix to address security concerns effectively.

  • Date Founded: 2006
  • Ownership: Maxim Group
  • Headquarters: Malaysia
  • License: PAGCOR & Curaçao Gaming

Maxim88 Online Gambling Key Facts

  • Licensed by PAGCOR & Curaçao Gaming
  • Owned by the Maxim Group
  • Official brand ambassador: Michael Owen

Our Final Thoughts

Maxim88 Malaysia’s casino offering boasts numerous outstanding features, making it a comprehensive and appealing platform. With an extensive library of high-quality casino games and a user-friendly interface across various devices, Maxim88 ensures an enjoyable gaming experience. 

Additionally, the sportsbook stands out, providing a wide range of betting markets and live streaming for selected events. Creating an account at Maxim88 comes with the added benefit of an exciting welcome offer, giving users a substantial initial boost to their gaming journey.

Conclusion: Maxim88 Online Gambling Casino Review

In conclusion, Maxim88 emerges as a comprehensive and secure online gambling hub, combining a rich gaming library with strategic partnerships and top-notch security measures. With licenses from PAGCOR and Curaçao Gaming, Maxim88 ensures a trustworthy environment for players. The presence of iconic brand ambassador Michael Owen adds a touch of star power to the platform. 

Whether you’re drawn to the diverse casino games or the vibrant sportsbook with live streaming, Maxim88 proves to be a versatile and user-friendly destination. Create your Maxim88 account today to not only explore the myriad gaming options but also to seize an enticing welcome offer, kickstarting your gaming journey on a high note.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you will be able to play real money casino games at Maxim88. Some of the titles will also be available to play in a demo mode.

Yes, there is a sports betting side to the Maxim88 offering that you can use to place bets on a wide range of different sports.

Yes, you can download an app for Android and iOS phones. These are perfectly optimized to allow you to find and play the best games that Maxim88 has to offer.

You can go to the promotions page on the Maxim88 Malaysia website to find any relevant bonus codes that need entering to activate certain types of promotions.

Maxim88 has been operating since 2006, holds a license with PAGCOR, and utilizes encryption technology to keep the sensitive data of users protected.

The main market that Maxim88 supports is players from Malaysia.

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